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The School of Digital Marketing wants your guest posts.

Yes, we accept guest blog posts to be published ( and marketed ) on The SDM Blog.

There are a large number of really talented writers in the Blog sphere.
SDM wants to showcase their talent BUT every request to publish a guest post is not accepted.

Here's, how guest posting to the SDM Blog adds value to You!

Guest Blogging Image Left
Guest Blogging Image Left

Advantages Of Writing A Guest Blog Post On SDM

When your guest blog post is published on SDM, it’s not only our regulars that get access to what you've written.

SDM actively markets every Blog post published for at least 5 days after actual publication.

Excerpts of the blog post along with a visually arresting image are posted on multiple social streams.

These are various Facebook pages, FB groups, LinkedIn pages, specific LinkedIn groups, Google+ groups, Pinterest and more.

Collectively there are more than more than 200,000 people on all the social streams that SDM has a presence in.

Hence, your guest Blog post is placed before a really large number of people for engagement.

SDM, uses a premium HootSuite account, a premium Buzz Bundle package and other SM tools to actively market your GBP on all our social streams at the most appropriate times.

These are times when we know that our readers are ready to consume the content that SDM delivers.

SDM has built its reputation on delivering terrific, value add content, consistently to our readers.  This is why all GBP are not accepted and blindly published.

How SDM accepts Guest Blog Posts.

Get in touch with us via Email. Explain your guest blog post idea(s) to us first. Together we will freeze a topic and content for your guest post.

When you are ready, send in your guest post via Email.

Send in your Blog posts in M.S. Word format. Embed your images within the Blog post AND send the images along separately, as a zipped file.

If the combined post + images file is a large download, do not send this via Email.

Zip the Word file and the images used in the guest blog post. Upload this to your server. Send us a link to the zip file via email. We will download your zip file using that link.

As soon as we receive your submission, we will read your guest Blog post. If the content received is acceptable we will publish it within day or two.

When we do, we will send you and Email with a link to your guest post.

Let's Add Value To Each Other.

Use the link we've sent you to check out your post. Please market the URL we give you on all your social media channels. We promise we will market your guest post on all our social media channels. Let's both work at adding value to each other.

When We Don't Publish Your Guest Blog Post?

If the content we received is unacceptable, for any reason, it's too short, no images, no keywords, lousy headline and equally lousy sub-headlines and so on, we will inform you of this via Email and we will not publish your guest post.  You could edit your guest blog post, correct the issues raised and re-submit it.

We shall not edit or modify your post content. It is either approved and published or not.

What SDM expects of the – The Author

 Have a Gravatar ready profile.

 The profile will be filled up and complete.

 When creating your GBP and you know of a post related to the topic elsewhere on the internet, please mention this and link to it as well.  This definitely adds value to your guest post.

 Do not neglect your guest Blog post after it's published. Make it a point to reply to reader comments. This is how you build Your faithful reader base. Via engagement.

What will ensure that SDM publishes your – Guest Post?

 It should be original and >=1200+ word count. It should be related to SDM's niche.
[ All things Digital Marketing, Blogging tips, SEO, SEM, SMM, Content marketing, Email marketing and similar stuff ]

 No gadget reviews, list posts or software version updates please.

 Your guest blog post should add value to our readers in some measureable way. They must feel it was a good thing having spent time reading your guest post.

 No self promotion or affiliate links please.

The number of back links permitted.

 All guest posts accepted for publication can have a single link embedded within an article of 1200+ words.

 As well as a signature link in a brief author intro.

 Thus a maximum of two links are permitted within all  guest post content.

Please do not add affiliate links within your guest post.

Which Guest Blog posts will be rejected?

 The content of the guest Blog post must be original, and not published anywhere else, even if it´s your own site.

 Plagiarism is just not accepted.

 Grammatical errors, usage of unprofessional language, irresponsible comments.

 Copyright infringements.

 If the Guest Blog post contains backlinks to sites containing adult (or other material deemed offensive).

 If the Guest Blog post contains backlinks to Blog / Websites selling medication of any kind.

 If the Guest Blog post contains backlinks to Blog / Websites other than the author´s own Blog / Website.