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5 Part Social Media Marketing Course

5 part SMM course

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A well-planned, executed and monitored and tweaked Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy drives tons of focused site visitors to your site.

Focused site visitors are those keen to buy the product(s) / service(s) your website is selling. They multiply your website driven income exponentially.

This Social Media Marketing training helps website owners craft and implement a terrific SMM strategy for their money site.

This training program has a separate section, which explains how to monitor and tweak your SMM strategy to deliver the results you want/need.

Triple Your Website Traffic Using Social Engagement

Triple Your Website Traffic

Take Me To The Course.

You’ve created a website that looks terrific. You’ve ensured your website has content that adds value to site visitors.   Now it’s critical to drive focused site visitors to engage with your content and make purchases via your website. Sustained monthly sales are vital to boost web site driven profit.

In this video based training, you will learn how to:
 What's site visitor demographics?
 Why site visitor demographics are vital to any website?
 Why create web page content which engages your site visitors?
 Choose and blend the right keywords into your webpage content
 Identify (multiple) social media channels where your ideal site visitor hang out
 Make your website known using (multiple) social media channels

It's the combination of understanding your site visitor demographics, creating content that resonates with them, ensuring the perfect keywords are blended into your content, and finally mapping all of this to the correct Social Media marketing strategy, which ensures you multiply your website income exponentially.

This is what this video based training addresses in-depth.

Convert Site Visitors To Paying Customers

Convert site visitors to paying customers

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If you’ve got loads of site visitors BUT few to none are converting to paying customers? Join this training Now!

If site visitors do not convert into paying customers, the time, effort and money you’ve put into marketing your website is not adding any real value to you, is it?

This video based training explains simple, tried and tested, techniques, which when followed faithfully, guarantees that site visitors convert to paying customers.

Stop losing money Now!

Social Media Marketing For Website Owners

Convert site visitors to paying customers

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You must have a large number of focused site visitors hitting your website to get a living income from it.

Focused site visitors are those keen on buying the product(s)/service(s) being sold via your website. They help multiply your website driven income exponentially.

A well-planned, executed monitored and tweaked, Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy can drive tons of focused site visitors to your site.

This Social Media Marketing training helps website owners craft, implement, monitor and tweak a terrific, tailor-made, SMM strategy for their Internet driven business.

Your bonus, this pilot course covers how to create a landing page that converts.

Build A Reliable Email List In 4 hours

Grow Your Mailing List Quickly

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I do a fair amount of speaking at eCommerce Meetups, Marketing Seminars, Digital Marketing workshops, and similar platforms.

I’ve always had questions like:
 Do I really need an email list?
 What do I do with an email list?
 Do you know how hard it is to capture a site visitor’s Email Id?
 I’ve had a subscription form on my website for months, no one subscribes?

To all I respond in same way.

The volume of your website income is tightly bound to your mailing list.

This means if you’ve got a weak, spam Id filled, mailing list, your website is very likely earning you absolutely nothing.

If you have a robust, trustworthy mailing list, mapped to a terrific, email based, engagement program, you will see your website deliver you a ton of income when compared to the situation mentioned above.

In this video based training program I’m addressing BOTH of the following issues very carefully.

 How to ensure that you create a robust, trustworthy email list via your website
 How to write emails and newsletters that engage with your target audience
 That gets them to buy

How To Build Your WordPress Website From Scratch

Build Your WordPress Website

Take Me To The Course.

On forums and at tech and blog meetups, I’ve often been asked the following questions.

 How does one purchase a domain name? What's the cost?
 Why buy hosting space? When there are a lot of FREE hosts available?
 What's cPanel and FTP? Why do I need to know about these?
 What's the simplest way to setup my website?
 What's a Content Management System? Should I be interested in this?
 How long will it take to setup my website? How difficult is this?
 Do I need a ton of tech skills to setup my website?
So on and so forth.

The people asking me these questions are concerned that doing all of the above is rocket science, requiring a ton of technical expertise.

It’s Not!  - I’m here telling you is as easy as falling off a log, if you use WordPress.

This video based training delivers explicit, actionable answers, for all the above questions. Just in case you've other concerns, there's a private Forum exclusively for you to ask questions on and get answers.

There's a bi-monthly, face to face, Q&A session using a Zoom meeting room. Ask Me Anything to do with building your WordPress website and I'll give you answers. You can get answers from your peers as well.

I assure you that using WordPress you can build any kind of Web site / Blog site / eCommerce site (and more . . . ) that your heart desires, swiftly and (almost) painlessly.

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