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Let’s chat over a cup of green tea while we craft some digital marketing magic together.

Wow! we are chuffed that you want to come in and meet with us. We’ll make you feel right at home.

Let’s sip on some invigorating green tea, it’s relaxing and full of antioxidants. We always have a pot boiling. It’s the excuse we use to sit together and fan the breeze from time to time. Green tea always make us feel great by releasing the right endorphins into our system with just a sip or three.

 You’ve got our address.
 You’ve directions via Google maps.
 There’s a land-line and mobile number that you can call in case you get lost.

Use the form below to tell us the day, date and time when you’d like to come in and meet us and what’s on your mind.

If you’d just like to come in to look us over and check out whether green tea is all that its cracked up to be, no problem, write in to us anyway.

Landmark: Vishwakarma Hall.  We are right behind Vishwakarma hall.

Nav Kiran shares a common wall with Vishwakarma Hall.  Our black metal gate has large black and white striped pillars with round, white, lights on each pillar. The black gate has the names, Nav Ratna and Nav Kiran painted on it in large white letters.

Enter in. Locate Nav Kiran. It's the 2nd building in the compound. Come to the 7th floor, flat 702. You've arrived.

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Contact Info

702, 7th Floor, Nav Kiran CHS,
Off. St. Anthony's Street, Kadamwadi,
Vakola, Santacruz [ East ],
Mumbai - 400098,
Maharashtra, India.

Mobile: 919892734331
Email: Admin At SDM