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5 Part - Social Media Marketing Strategy Creation

Is social media marketing techniques and magic the same for you?
Has a successful digital marketing strategy always been just out of reach?
Do you want to drive focused site visitors to your website using social channels?
If you do, ( and who doesn't ) you are at the right place.

This course empowers YOU to:

 Understand What Marketing And Digital Marketing Is.

 Recognize The Value Social Media Marketing Adds To Your Site.

 To Re-purpose Your Blog posts For Social Media Marketing.

 Define A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works.

 Use The Best Free SMM Monitoring Tools.

Plus 3 bonus eBooks:

 17 SEO Myths.

 The Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing.

 58 Social Media Tips For Content Marketing.

The moment you sign up, you're never alone.

You are among website owners, all planning, creating, executing and monitoring a terrific social media marketing strategy for their websites.

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Hiten Javeri

Hiten Javeri Pic

I was completely surprised by the huge increase in my site visitors.

All I did was apply the tailor made social media marketing strategy to my website, which I created when I did this course.

My Blog comments have tripled. My bounce rate has dropped.

All my questions were answered promptly. The answers received, I understood. If I asked for a clarification I received one quickly.

Doing this social media marketing course worked really well for me. I'm sure it will be the same for you.

Seema Bhatia

Seema Bhatia Pic

I'm an MBA from IIM Calcutta. I majored in marketing.

Social media marketing was taught to me in a 3 hour lecture which actually turned me off. I couldn't figure out what was being done, and the how plus why.

This course taught me how a well thought through social media marketing strategy can and does boost website business.

The training videos are engaging. They added a lot of value to me. I asked a lot of questions. All of them were answered.

Today I confidently create social media marketing strategies for various web based businesses.


Sharanam Pic

I thought I knew all about social marketing. This course changed my mind.

I asked a ton of questions. Each one was answered. The answers made sense. I learned from them.

I was blown away by the support Ivan provided. I’ve not encountered anything like this in any other net base training I’ve done.

The social media marketing strategy I created for my website driven business, really works.

Why learn social media marketing from Ivan?

Teaching At SPJIMR Pic

International Author. Digital Marketing Evangelist.

I enjoy crafting a social media marketing strategy that deliver results.

Because You Will Benefit By:

 Understanding Digital Marketing Basics thoroughly.

 Recognizing The Value Social Media Marketing Adds To Your Site.

 Re-purposing Your Blog posts For Social Media Marketing.

 Defining A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works.

 Using The Best Free SMM Monitoring Tools.

 Learning Which Premium SMM Monitoring Tools Pro's Use.

And tons more . . .

My 34+ years of opensource coding experience, blended with 24+ years of digital marketing, has been distilled into a single result oriented social media marketing strategy course which I created.

SMM strategy not work for me, it's a passion. I think, that’s what makes the difference.